Air Freshener/Odour Counteractant Products

Better Than Odour Counteractants combat tough odours in the air and trapped in carpets, upholstery, drapes, fabric, clothing, etc. Available in the following packaging formats and fresh scents.
Metered Odour Counteractants
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BT199 Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser
BT200 Orange Jr., 180g
BT210 Apple Jr., 180g
BT212 Berry Jr., 180g
BT218 Fresh Linen Jr., 180g
BT219 Mango Jr., 180g
BT220 Strawberry Pear Jr., 180g
BT221 Vanilla Jr., 180g
BT222 Morning Glory Jr., 180g
BT223 Cotton Blossom Jr., 180g
BT224 Black Cherry Jr., 180g
BT234 Baby Powder Jr. 180g
BT235 Oriental Spice Jr. 180g
BT236 Chocolate Mint Jr. 180g
Odour Counteractants
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BT208 Orange, 369g
BT209 Apple, 369g
BT211 Berry, 369g
BT225 Black Cherry, 369g
Odour Counteractants with Spray-Thru Caps
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BT226 Fresh Linen, 369g
BT230 Morning Glory, 369g